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Why We Do What We Do

Hope To Walk exists simply to help the impoverished people of the world to walk again. Millions of amputees worldwide depend on wheelchairs and crutches.  Some are even forced to crawl simply because they cannot afford prosthetics.

Fast Facts:

  • There are 35 million amputees and disabled people worldwide who need prosthetic devices but do not have access to them
  • Traditional prosthetic legs cost between $10,000-$25,000 -- an unattainable price for someone making $3 per day
  • Without the ability to walk, many amputees are outcast from society, depressed, unable to support themselves or their families
  • Hope To Walk's prosthetic leg is measured and fit to the patient the same day; meaning less travel time and cost to patient
  • Hope To Walk's prosthetic leg is lightweight and easy to use.  The foot is designed to imitate natural movement.
  • We train people in country so that they can help others in their own country
  • Our certified training program helps fill the shortage of technicians worldwide

How Hope To Walk Started: 

Over a decade ago, Phil Johnson, CPO, was asked to donate parts for a prosthetic leg to a boy in Guatemala.  The boy had lost his leg due to electrocution after Hurricane Mitch.  Instead, Phil decided to donate himself, and traveled to the highlands of Guatemala to meet the boy.

They arrived after dark to a location with no electricity and swarming with mosquitoes, and Phil decided it would be best to come back in the morning.

The next morning, there were 15 children lined up, all waiting for prosthetic legs, because word had gotten around to the locals that a prosthetic doctor was in town.  In that moment, Phil realized that the way we do prosthetics in the U.S. didn’t translate to developing countries, and he set out to invent a low-cost solution that would be available to all.  In 2013 he and then-medical student Michael Mabry founded Hope To Walk to fit their low-cost prosthetic leg to amputees in developing countries.  Since then they have helped about 600 people walk again.


About Our Patients:

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Walk for David!

David is a 14-year-old boy living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  When he was 12-years-old, he was crossing the street when a bus ran over his foot.  That led to amputation - above his knee.  He didn't walk for 2 years, just relying on crutches.  In November 2019 Hope To Walk fit him with a prototype above-knee prosthetic leg, and he was able to walk again!  David looks forward to being able to run, play soccer, and bike again!