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Hope To Walk 2nd Annual Virtual 5k

Join us on October 1, 2021

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Register for the 2nd Annual Hope To Walk Virtual 5K - Real people. Real miles. Real HOPE. We walk so others can, too! 

Run, walk or roll 3.1 miles anytime during the weekend of October 1-3, 2021 - anywhere in the world!  Raise awareness and funds for the 35 million amputees in the world who do not have access to prosthetic devices! Compete as an individual or create a team!  Track your progress, take a selfie and use hashtags #htwvirtual5k #wewalksotheycan

You don't have to be a runner/walker to participate!  You can bike, skateboard, or walk your dog -- however you want to do it is up to you!

Hope To Walk is a nonprofit organization that provides low-cost prosthetic legs to the world's poorest amputees for free.  Currently, we serve individuals in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Vietnam and The Bahamas, and have invites to dozens of other countries.  

Help us raise money so others can walk again! Your general donation gives Hope To Walk the support needed to fit prosthetic legs all over the world.

$50 - Raise this amount to get a Hope To Walk Virtual 5K T-shirt!
$100 - pays for wholesale materials for one prosthetic leg!  Help someone walk again!
$250- Enough funds to cover an entire prosthetic leg kit - We will donate a leg in honor of your loved one

The first 25 people to fundraise $250 will be able to name a prosthetic leg in honor of a loved one!

$500 - pays for materials for 5 prosthetic legs!
$1,000 - pays for materials for 10 prosthetic legs!
$6,000 - pays for a 3-week mission trip to fit 30 prosthetic legs!

Stories of Hope

Run for Julia!

Julia Sales is from the highlands of Guatemala. Five years ago, Julia decided to try and give her kids a better life by immigrating to the United States. Tragically, Julia fell off the “Bestia” Train in Mexico, immediately losing her leg. We met Julia eighteen months ago and were able to fit her for a prosthetic leg. She adapted very quickly to her new prosthetic, and walked out of the clinic without any assistance or crutches!

Walk for Taxi!

Taxi was a man who ran with the wrong crowd. After losing his leg to complications from diabetes, a friend told him about Hope To Walk. The same day he received his prosthetic, Taxi was invited to church by a friend. This invitation led him to want to become a minister. Additionally, Taxi is training to be on our prosthetics team in Honduras. Taxi says Hope To Walk’s kindness opened the door to all the opportunities he has had.




Walk for David!

David is a 14-year-old boy living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  When he was 12-years-old, he was crossing the street when a bus ran over his foot.  That led to amputation - above his knee.  He didn't walk for 2 years, just relying on crutches.  In November 2019 Hope To Walk fit him with a prototype above-knee prosthetic leg, and he was able to walk again!  David looks forward to being able to run, play soccer, and bike again!  

Fast Facts:

  • There are 35 million amputees and disabled people worldwide who need prosthetic devices but do not have access to them
  • Traditional prosthetic legs cost between $10,000-$25,000 -- an unattainable price for someone making $3 per day
  • Without the ability to walk, many amputees are outcast from society, depressed, unable to support themselves or their families
  • Hope To Walk's prosthetic leg is measured and fit to the patient the same day; meaning less travel time and cost to patient
  • Hope To Walk's prosthetic leg is lightweight and easy to use.  The foot is designed to imitate natural movement.
  • We train people in country so that they can help others in their own country
  • Our certified training program helps fill the shortage of technicians worldwide



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